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Visual Language – Typography & Expression

For this week’s class the assignment was to express yourself through different type faces and uses of typography. I started by rounding all the typefaces I have already used and liked and began researching the different features and characteristics, discussed in class, that each of them has, in order to better understand why do I ‘Like a Font’.

  • My name in 3 Serif’s and 3 Sans-Serif’s:

I started with the Sans-Serif’s as I have had more experience choosing Sans-Serif fonts. I decided to use the following three fonts as each of them has different variations


Modern Sans


Some of the features I liked about Modern Sans is it’s very geometric capital ‘O’ and ‘F’, I especially like the fact the lowercase ‘s’ is slightly angled on it’s axis.



Some of the feature I liked about Simona are it’s Serif ‘like’ lowercase ‘l’, rather low crossbar seen in the lowercase ‘e’ and the contrast between these rather unique features to it’s overall geometric approach.

* Disclosure: this font was designed by a good friend, Ben Nathan, and I especially like it since it also has a hebrew set to it. Link to his website.

Avenir Next


Avenir, Cliché right? some of the features I like about Avenir Next are it’s geometric uppercase ‘O’ and ‘F’, it’s ascenders found in the lowercase ‘l’ and ‘h’ which span very high (actually rises above the cap-height) and the circular dot used in the lowercase ‘i’.

Big Calson


Some of the features I like about Big Calson are it’s unique capital stress angles (e.g uppercase ‘F’), it’s high crossbar seen in the lowercase ‘e’ and especially the very subtle brackets connecting the bilateral serifs with the stems (e.g lowercase ‘r’, ‘l’ ‘i’).

Palatino Linotype


Features I like about Palatino Linotype are it’s round and subtle finial found in the lowercase ‘e’, it’s overall round Serif edges specially visible in the lowercase ascenders (e.g ‘l’, ‘h’), and the beak at the tip of the lowercase ‘r’ which adds a really nice yet subtle feature.



Bentham has a very noticeable beak compared to Palatino especially in the lowercase ‘r’, I do like the contrast between the very pointy Serif’s on the bottom of the letters and the more curved one noticeable in the ascenders (e.g lowercase ‘l’).

Expressive Words:








Hi I am Or, I am a director, developer and artist. My current interest in research is sound interaction, computer vision & immersive media development.

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