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Visual Language – Color

This week’s assignment is divided into two sections, test and a project demonstrating self expression with color.

Test Results:

After taking the test I was rated 4 (in which 0 is the highest).

Self expression with color:

This week I chose to focus on a really private thing that has been happening in my life, as this has many implications in terms of color. Two month ago, I moved to NYC, and had to part with my partner (girlfriend), in which we decided we will do our best to maintain our relationship as a long distance one. After some adjusting, we started messaging each other ‘selfie’ images of our lives, as we go about during the day (our human version of emoji one can say), and before I realised this happened on multiple instances each day. While thinking about what kind of self documentation I can use for this week’s assignment I suddenly realised it was in front me all along, my very own documentary.

5 Tones of Emotion


I decided to pack together all of these images (plus the ones that will come as time passes) into a website (i.e ‘5 Tones of Emotion’), that analyses these self documentation peices of emotion, and come up with a 5 tone palette that represents the overall average most common tones found in the entire library.


In creating the website I suddenly realised as most of the images contain a rather ‘warm’ palette of colors, it has a very calming effect when viewed as a library, and to the bottom of this point this whole project was a homage to my relationship with Katia, and a way for me to deal with absence through abstraction of data.


I am not sure if this project is worth investigating further, but I would like to make the color analysing engine better, in ways it could possibly assume more based on parameters like color temperature, facial recognition and perhaps even opening the engine to users to analyse their own gallery of images.

The link to the website


Hi I am Or, I am a director, developer and artist. My current interest in research is sound interaction, computer vision & immersive media development.

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