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Physical Computing – Lesson#7

Following Synthesis, I had so many ideas, I decided to scale the conversation between the Arduino & p5. After reviewing the labs, I decided to build a Drum Machine that uses buttons on the Arduino to trigger oscillators on the p5.sound library that mimic the sound of electronic drums (Inspired by the great 808 drum machine).

I started by sketching the idea of board


From that point, I started assembling the breadboard


After finishing assembly I started writing the software on the Arduino, since I am using a lot of the same (buttons) I decided to use ‘Arrays’ to store Button pins, Current States and Last States on each button. It looks something like

Once I read a value and it’s different from the last state && has a ‘HIGH’ value I serial print each button as 1,2,3,4,5. In p5 I pick these values and assign each of them to a specific function, in essence the on/off trigger of each oscillator by a specific button on the Arduino.

Time to demo

Link to github

Hi I am Or, I am a director, developer and artist. My current interest in research is sound interaction, computer vision & immersive media development.

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