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Hello Homemade Hardware – Week 01

After this semester’s round of confusion, class swaps and drops I joined the Homemade Hardware class. Prototyping, building and thinking about logic in hardware, was something I really enjoyed doing last semester, and so is seemed like a direct line, in which I could keep on pursuing knowledge in ‘hardware-land’. Enough talking, off to building!

I started by reviewing some of the labs, and essentially working out my soldering, drawing and ‘Arduino’ing’ skills that have faded a little since winter break started. I chose to use the ATTiny85 chip, and decided I would use moisture sensor to drive two status LED’s, one that shows whether there is enough moisture in a plant’s soil, and one to show that it needs more water. After running and the boot-loader, and following the tutorial on programming the ATTiny using the Arduino as the ISP, I was able to get the Blink demo sketch running (YAY, great success, well kind of).

Blinking LED using the ATTiny85 chip

After getting it to work, I decided to test my setup, and therefore used the Arduino to program a small applications that reads a moisture sensor on analog port 1 (A1), and creates a smooth ‘breathing’ LED effect on one of two status LED’s depending on the readings.

After getting the applications to function appropriately and measuring moisture sensor using the Arduino’s serial monitor, it was time to build the circuit using the ATTiny85.

The design for the circuit I wanted to build

After all that was in place I only had to implement the code using the correct naming conventions for the ATTiny85 chip I/O, which sounds trivial but it did take me a reasonable amount of time to figure out, implement the code using the Arduino as an ISP and assamble everything on the breadboard.

Here is a video demonstrating the final circuit doing its thing

Hi I am Or, I am a director, developer and artist. My current interest in research is sound interaction, computer vision & immersive media development.

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