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IMG MGMT: The Nine Eyes of Google Street View

Jon Rafman’s article outlines the development and cultural impacts of Google’s Street View. Rafman, uses language that outlines, to some extent, his perception of Google’s mission to index the world. ┬áContinuing on that, Rafman shows example of special moment captured in the Google lens such as naked people, glitch errors, man carrying a gun and other questionable moments that blur the line between unnoticed “documentation” and augmenting scenarios.

Notes and open questions:

  1. Google Street Maps, to some extent feels to me like a mocumentary film. It is, capturing ‘a’ reality through conventions we associate with realistic qualities but nevertheless disturbs the medium prior to it’s capture.
  2. Some interesting projects have been made using Google street view (as Rafman mentioned) one of the ones I like the most is the Hyperlapse.js library (which is unfortunately unmaintained or developed anymore).
  3. This article by James Gorge, outlines some of the uncanny moments reconstructed by Google’s new photogrammetry engine which brings 3D buildings and streets into maps. Feels to some extent like an interesting parallel conversation about authenticity in Google documentation and the ‘uncanny valley’.


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